Äspö HRL entrance test

Human Performance Tools

As head of the Repository Technology unit, I, Pär Grahm, would like to extend a warm welcome to the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory.

In our facility, safety always come first, and we work to make sure that everyone who works here will be able to perform their work in a safe and secure way. For this reason, we use Human Performance tools.

The methods we use can be found in this brochure, that you can find in the Äspö reception.

These Human Performance tools are in place for the safety of all of us, and it is important that you use them so that both you and your co-workers can feel secure in the work you perform.

If you have questions about how these tools are implemented in our facility, talk to your contact person, or with local work environment coordinator, Ronny Lindahl.

Welcome to the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, and remember – always keep safety first!

Senast granskad: 10 maj 2017